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Welcome to the site review of Brandon Aker's site,


The following is a review of all of the pages that are available on, and brief descriptions of each page by Brandon Aker.

Index:  this page is the "Home"  of my website.  This is the page that you see upon typing in my URL.

About me:  this page is about the creator of the site, Brandon Aker, or me.  On this page I tell about some of the current events that are going on with my life outside of school.

Life:  this is about like the about me page, but it describes in more depth about the events and does include some information about my school and stuff like that.

Writings:  this is the page that I publically display some of my better writings that I have collected and written myself over the years.

Writings 2:  is a continued version of the regular writings page, with some more of my greater writings.

Links:  this a page where I display some 200ish links for the viewer to visit if they so desire. The sites listen includes personal pages, tv channels, and wrestling sites, among many others.

Links 2:  is a continued version of the regular links page, but this page has site banners, instead of regular text links.

Site Review Page:  this is the page that you are currently viewing.

Brandon Aker, 2000.  Last modified April 4, 2000.

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