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Terry Bozzio, a famous solo drum artist, is really a master as his craft. HIs
legendary ostinatos are objects of Beauty but perhaps I am biased

Anyway, go to, and then click on the artist links to find
his page. But the last I knew it was still under construction.
Carlos Santana and Edward Van Halen: perhaps two of the greatest guitar
legends in the history of music.

Carlos is known for his Latin style music with such hits as "Smooth" and
"Black Magic Woman"

Edward is known for being the leader of his band, Van Halen, and for such
hits where he wails away on like "Right Now" and "Why Can't This Be Love"
Fred Durst is perpaps in my opinion the best front man for his band, Limp

Limp Bizkit's current album, "Significant Other" is available, and includes
all of the band's greatest hits