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Delmus "Moose" Gillespie:
The Moose is a rather loyal friend at times. He is rather unruly,
just like yours truly, and can best be summed up as hell in boots!
Megan Davis:
Megan is also a rather loyal friend at times. But,
she is not unruly, but down to Earth and seems to
have lived it all, but none of it has she lived.
David Jones:
Jones has always been loyal, although I don't know why?
Anyway, have fun at it David I know I did, whatever it is!
Randal White:
Randal is weird, in a Tom Green sort of way, but I really
would like for someone to define "normal" for me, just once.
Anyway, Randal is there when you need a good kick in the
butt I supopse.
Please click here to see 2 of my acquaintances, of which one is been titled Beauty and the other Beast.