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Welcome To My Newly Updated Website!
Greetings to all of you regular visitors of this site that have anxiously been awaiting an update.
Thanks for sticking it out with me



Welcome to my newly updated and somewhat redesigned website.  Since my last attempt at this page I have tried in vain to learn how to use HTML to enhance my pages, but as you may be able to tell, I haven't really suceeded too vastly.  But anyway, please feel free to browse around my little humble nook on the world wide web and if you see anything that you would like for any reason whatsoever please feel free to take it.  NOTE: If you take any of my writings, please document them with my name somewhere if you use them in a public display, i.e website, presentation etc.


Currently, I am working on updating all of my pages and adding some new and improved pages that should have been added several months ago such as my pictures page and favorite hobbies page.  Of course the list is not limited to just those two but those are two of the more notable ones. :)

Click here if you just wish to see my site review page.

About me-  this page is where I talk about myself and what it is that I like to do in my spare time, as if I ever had any to begin with! :)>

Writings- this is a page where I put some of my finer writing works on display for the public to see and love/hate.

Links- this is the page where I have compiled roughy 200 links for you to give a chance if you ever get bored and need somewhere to go.

Life-  this is a page where I discuss the current events that are occuring in my live, whether it be school, home, or anywhere else.


Please note that the above pages are just the ones that I currently have up and running but rest assured that I will periodically deliver a new page often.  If you have any interesting or intriguing ideas about what would be a good page to display on my site email me and tell me the idea and I shall take it into careful consideration.
NOTE:  all suggested ideas may or may not make it onto the site, depending on webmaster's ideas and feelings toward the suggested idea.


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Special thanks go to Boogie Jack for his wonderful backgrounds that appear on this site.

Last updated June, 2000
Brandon Aker