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The Writings Page of Brandon Aker
This first poem is one that was written by myself for a deceased friend of mine.
Glenn, you were a true friend
Hoeing the garden, over you bend
Driving your truck up the road
Like the seeds that you sewed
But now you are gone to a better place
With a great big smile on your face
Up above with your pal Jason
Away from here, this desolate nation
You were a great man through it all
Life was fun, we sure had a ball
Laughing, loving, joking around
Watching you and Jason putting the crops aground
Life is short, it ends too fast
But we are here, taken aghast
And you are not, but in God’s care
And stories of you we shall all share
But throughout time I will know
That we were friends during the whole show
The fun we had, the Hell we made
Sitting beneath the garden shade
Telling stories and making up lies
Swatting away those “damn flies”
Cussing out ol Bill Clinton from time to time
Never were you without a dime
But now my friend, you are long gone
Never to see another dawn
On this sacred Earth, but yet
My times with you I’ll never regret.

This next poem is one that I wrote about Native American heritage.
I was here long before you were
Long before a thought of you did occur
But yet I am treated unfair
Thrown out to the great bear
Away from me you took my land
Burdoned my people and stuck my hand
Burned my village and my huts
Opened the wounds to deepen the cuts
For I am the great spirit of all you see
For once was happy, but now can never be
My people wronged, my soul hurt
My great warriors in the dirt
How dare you come along
Breaking the spirit, halting the song
For now, I have no one anymore
All gone down that forgotten door
For the great spirit shant flee
In you, he and lastly me
He is our ancestor, our kin
Hurting our people, deep within
My people were vast, my people date
From the spirit that once was great
But now all is gone, away from me
My dearest people I shall never see

This is a poem that I wrote out of boredom one day.
Human race, without a clue
What can be done with nothing to do?
Are we here just to die
Or to live life, mate and try
To make the best out of a bad place
Forget the anger and a smiling face
Without someone no one is anything
In this world, a desolate ring
I for one, care not to give in
But to fight like others have been
And to give it my all
Have some fun and a ball
Make the best out of that that’s bad
Forget the times and become glad
To live like I want and as I do
Instead of living homeless, without a clue
But what is a home, on must ask
A building, a floor, or even a cask
It all depends upon point of view
To live life and settle through
That is what I personally choose
Perhaps to try but only lose.

And this is yet another poem that I wrote about The Hobbit, by J.R.R Tolkien.
Bilbo Baggins is the man
From far away, another land
Up with the company he once was met
With his new courage he is sure to get
The riches far, the riches wide
From the dragon wild and snide
Thorin Oakenshield wants the king
So Bilbo helps with his magic ring
The spiders met were very mean
And Bilbo with ring is now unseen
Bilbo proud with sting and ring
Is quite a site, a beautiful thing
Smaug the fearsome, dragon the great
Could you determine Baggins’ fate?
Bard is the leader true
He remains throughout, just as glue would do
What is the future, none can tell
Heaven, home, or maybe well
Bilbo and Thorin are sure to lead
Throughout forest with birds a treed
To the fight to win the gold
Thorin like his fathers old
Back to home they will try
With a glimmer in Bilbo’s eye!

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