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My life....what life?

O.K. you got me, I do have a life.  And a very hectic one it is.  Currently between school and Governor's School and SWAC I am about ready to go mental on the world.  Honestly, school is getting harder every year, and sometimes I just wonder if it will ever end.  Honors English 10 is a killer, but it serves it purposes, and I think that I am the possessor of the highest average.

what little time schools and SWAC doesn't take up, drumming ahd working does.  I drum just to drum, and to have fun, relieve some tension. Work on the other hand, SUCKS.  I only work on and around the farm, but it still sucks.  The only good part about that is it builds character, or so it has been said.

Currently, I am also playing with my CD Rewriter and messing around with different things, such as my music.  Some day, with the luck of God, I plan to have a band of some variety, but time, like gas, if few and far between these days.  Don't it just bite that gas is so high?

Anyway, keep it real and come back to here often for more updates.

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